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Firstly, I want to welcome you to my little space. I have had this idea on and off for years now. I started a different blog last year which is not faith-based called Conscious Instinct, and coming into 2019, I realised that there is just so much I want to write about that is based on my spirituality and faith. Continue reading

Parenting Styles & Islam: An Overview

Last week, I published a post about consonantal roots in Arabic and how those could give us clues and insights into what types of parents we should strive to be. In this post, I’ll elaborate a bit more about parenting styles and how these styles are aligned with our expectations as parents in Islam.

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Consonantal Roots & Conscious Parenting my

Disclaimer: I think a lot and this is one of my “thinking” posts. For another example, check out this one. Some people find my thinking posts way out there and others are fascinated by them. Read at your own risk 🙂

Seven years ago, I reverted to Islam. I make it a point to learn from a variety of sources to ensure that I maintain a balanced view and don’t conflate culture with religion. I’ve read historical accounts of the Prophet (pbuh), read English translations of the Qur’an, and I’ve taken Islamic classes on and off. But the deepest and most profound understanding of Islam that I’ve experienced to date is with the Arabic language itself. Continue reading

Thirty Days of 24 Hour Fasts

This year has been tough. I came back from maternity leave, started a new role at work, and turned 40. It seemed like in some ways my life had changed completely, and in others it was completely stagnant. If mid-life crises are a thing, I definitely had one in 2019. I have struggled all year with feeling ok, eating ok and generally being ok. In November, I felt like I needed something drastic to overhaul my life, and so I decided to start with my diet. Continue reading

Ten Tips for Fasting Success

If you don’t know anything about fasting, check out my post which gives an overview first. If you have already read my post and are ready to have a go at fasting for the new year, read on! Continue reading

Intermittent Fasting: A Sunnah to Reset Mind, Body & Soul

When we think of fasting, the first thing that comes to mind for most Muslims is Ramadan. After all, this is a time when most Muslims are fasting if they are able to. Families and friends are more likely to come together for iftaar in the evening. People are generally nicer and more people are thinking about charity and joy and reward. Overall, there is a general feeling of community and closeness to Allah (swt).

But fasting doesn’t need to be limited to one month a year, nor does it need to be a chore for women who have been busy growing and nurturing small humans. Many Muslims see fasting only as an obligation or having some sort of negative connotation. I have told by well meaning Muslims that that we fast simply because Allah (swt) has commanded or because fasting helps you to “appreciate” what you have. But Allah’s (swt) wisdom and mercy are infinite. As science has caught up with our deen, studies have shown that fasting can be an amazing way to reset. Continue reading

Four Reasons to Start Using Menstrual Cups

You may have heard about menstrual cups from friends or online. A menstrual cup is a reusable cup that is inserted in the vagina like a tampon. Rather than absorb blood, a menstrual cup collects it and needs to be emptied. If you aren’t already using cups, here are four benefits that might persuade you. Continue reading

Low Fat vs Low Carb: Which One is Right For You

As far as diets are concerned, there are two main schools of thought: low carb diets and low fat diets. BOTH will help you lose weight. The one you choose is going to be unique to your individual lifestyle. Continue reading

How Islam Taught Me About Minimalism

I have been reflecting a lot on “stuff.” We live in a society where excess is celebrated. The Qur’an says that the best among us are the most righteous in character, but society values “stuff” even more than it does good manners. The wealthy are excused from normally unacceptable behaviour because of who they are (essentially what they have). Once someone no longer has, they are forgotten. Continue reading

Signs For Those Who Reflect

Let me start this post off by saying that I’m a maths geek. I love numbers, always have. You might find them boring, but I find them to be precise and incapable of subjectivity. Even if you don’t like maths, you will like this post though, I promise. Ok, let’s carry on. Continue reading

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