I became a Muslim in 2012, after years of being agnostic. Although I knew that there was a God, I didn’t think that he was some guy up in the sky or anyone that had ever been a man. I stayed away from religion for a long time because I felt like the common view of God was too simplistic for what I felt God was. God was the source of the universe, the creator of everything. To ascribe mere human traits to God was not enough. I wanted to connect with the universe and feel God within me.

I found Islam through my now 20 year old daughter Alhamdulilah, and I haven’t looked back since. Islam challenges us to contemplate, to ask questions, to seek knowledge, to understand reasoning. The reason that so many scientific advances are attributed to Islam is because Muslims have always known that by learning about the world, we learn about Allah (SWT). By increasing our knowledge of His creation, we increase our knowledge of Him.

I have always been at least a bit hippie, but becoming a Muslim has taught me to be even more conscious about my health, to always look behind the curtain, to reflect, to think differently, to always look for deeper meanings, and to trust that Allah (SWT) has placed on Earth every provision that we will need.

They plan and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.

– Qur’an 8:30