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Parenting Styles & Islam: An Overview

Last week, I published a post about consonantal roots in Arabic and how those could give us clues and insights into what types of parents we should strive to be. In this post, I’ll elaborate a bit more about parenting styles and how these styles are aligned with our expectations as parents in Islam.

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Consonantal Roots & Conscious Parenting my

Disclaimer: I think a lot and this is one of my “thinking” posts. For another example, check out this one. Some people find my thinking posts way out there and others are fascinated by them. Read at your own risk 🙂

Seven years ago, I reverted to Islam. I make it a point to learn from a variety of sources to ensure that I maintain a balanced view and don’t conflate culture with religion. I’ve read historical accounts of the Prophet (pbuh), read English translations of the Qur’an, and I’ve taken Islamic classes on and off. But the deepest and most profound understanding of Islam that I’ve experienced to date is with the Arabic language itself. Continue reading

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