What is a Hippie Muslim Anyway?

Salaam Everyone!

Firstly, I want to welcome you to my little space. I have had this idea on and off for years now. I started a different blog last year which is not faith-based called Conscious Instinct, and coming into 2019, I realised that there is just so much I want to write about that is based on my spirituality and faith. While my first blog will remain, I kind of (on a whim this morning) purchased this domain name and will be posting here more regularly iA. With my other blog I try to post things that are also well researched and it’s exhausting! Sometimes I need a space to vent that isn’t Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, I have a group that I created on there called Hippie Muslim Mums. I’m super protective of our group and our community on there, but I will be sharing some of my own posts from there in blog format, so if you’re on the group, you might see some familiar content.

Why Hippie Muslims?

I personally think that a lot of topics like attachment parenting, mindfulness, conscious consumerism, minimalism, recycling, natural parenting, etc are obvious tenets of Islam. These are attributes of the Prophet (PBUH) that we read about and admire most. He was known to never hit a child, never raise his voice to a child, who bed shared and attachment parented, who was a gentle but firm father, and who preached mercy towards all children Alhamdulilah. He was tolerant and patient, he gave people the benefit of the doubt, and he promoted reflection and contemplation by sometimes giving answers in a way that allowed people to see things for themselves. All of this let’s not forget, at the guidance and direction of Allah (SWT).

I might sound like a complete weirdo, or maybe something I’m saying resonates with you. Either way, I hope you will read on. We can learn from each other as we go iA.

One thing I would ask of you is to keep the energy positive. Let’s be kind, tolerant, understanding in our comments. I’m always available via email on the contact link if there is something you disagree with. Or if you want to post in the comments, please do so with adab. We are all in different stages in our lives, with our deen, and at varying levels of “hippiness” so to speak, but we are all brothers and sisters in Islam and most importantly in humanity.


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  1. Sara

    Salam Sister,

    I have stumbled across your blog and and enjoyed reading your thoughts. I am someone too who would call themselves a Muslim hippie! I thought I’d google it and see what happens and here we are haha. I’m at a point in my life where I am balancing the two, whether that is right or wrong but I’m trying.

    Love and blessings,

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